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About Dental Sealants

Since home oral care methods are not always able to reach every area of the mouth, dental sealants are an effective way to improve protection against bacteria and cavities. Created with a thin, flexible plastic material, dental sealants are placed to the top layer surface of the back molars. Once in place, sealants seal out plaque, tartar, and bacteria from reaching the tooth. Individuals who get dental sealants will not see or feel the devices once in place. Our dentists at Rock Canyon Dental Care can help Highlands Ranch, CO patient's enamel to be cleaner and protected from decay and bacteria.

What to Expect

Getting sealants on the teeth at Rock Canyon Dental Care is a fast process that is completed without any form of anesthesia. Before the sealants are applied, the patient's teeth will be cleaned and polished to ensure that bacteria are not being sealed into the tooth. Next, the tooth will be gently etched to where the sealant will be applied, then rinsed and dried. Once the tooth is prepped, our dentists will apply the sealant on the tooth and use a special light to set the sealant. Our dentists will check to make sure the sealant is hardened and secure.

Treatment Aftercare

With adequate care, including good home oral care and regular check ups at Rock Canyon Dental Care with our dentists, dental sealants can last up to 10 years. Our dentists will test the effectiveness the sealants at every dental examination. Patients will be kept updated as to whether they should to be replaced. Patients should continue to brush their teeth at a minimum of twice a day, as well as protect them by not grinding their teeth and avoiding sticky candy. While sealants are best for young children and teenagers, some adults may continue to keep their sealants if they are prone to getting cavities.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance carriers generally cover the cost for dental sealants for young children and teens, but some cover adults as well. Rock Canyon Dental Care's front office will contact the patient's insurance company to get the exact coverage that is available. If the insurance policy does not cover the cost of sealants our dentists are happy to discuss different payment options. Please keep in mind that the cost of sealants is usually less than a filling or other repair.

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Delay Decay

Children, teenagers, and adults can benefit from the protection of dental sealants. They protect the back teeth with a simple procedure. To avoid cavities and decay, dental sealants can be a terrific option for patients who desire better dental examinations with our dentists at Rock Canyon Dental Care in Highlands Ranch, CO. Although they can't be seen or felt, sealants combined with a good at-home oral care can give you a healthier, better smile.

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